I enjoy working with like-minded individuals to conceive, design, and create a project and thrive working under the intense time constraints. They are also places for me to meet diverse and interesting groups of people and allow me to hone my creative and technical skills.


DandyHacks 2018 I returned to DandyHacks to create a firewall capable of learning to defend against new exploits. SmartFireWWall utilizes both supervised and unsupervised machine learning to first classify web traffic data as safe or malicious and then updates these definitions based upon new data. The team used Python’s Keras libraries for training and testing, and nodeJS to create a web tool to visualize the firewall’s performance.

BrickHacks 4 2018

During BrickHacks I worked with a team of three other members to develop GroupSpeak, a web based platform that transcribes conversations in real-time. The project was targeted towards, Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who have trouble following and participating in a conversation. Additionally, the platform is capable of voicing for the Deaf individual. Our team won the division prize for “Best Community Builder.”

*DandyHacks 2017**

DandyHacks was my first hardware hack. I worked with a partner to develop StayAquakeStayAquake, a pair of glasses that use infrared sensors to detect when drivers are becoming drowsy. The glasses sync to a mobile application which alerts drivers when to pull over. While working on this project, I had the opportunity to learn native mobile Android development. My partner and I won the division for “Most creative use of Amazon Web Services.”

Glasses Project