“Those who know do. Those that understand, teach” -Aristole

Strength of Materials

As a Teaching Assistant for Strength of Materials Lab, I serve as the primary instructor for students as they learn to conduct tension, multi-point bending, and torsion test as well as basic properties of materials. In position I instructed two sections of the class weekly and graded student’s lab reports.

Engineering Analysis

During my experience as a Teaching Assistant for Engineering Analysis, I aided graduate level students in learning mathematical techniques which would be vital in to their work to complete their masters. Topics included, Boundary Value Problems, Fourier Transforms, and Linear Algebra. My weekly responsibilities included managing lecture notes, grading quizzes, and holding office hours to assist students.

Complex Variables

I had the opportunity to serve as one of the two Learning Assistants for the class Complex Variables. In this role, I was responsible for facilitating student-based learning through group discussion. Each week, I constructed 15 minute, in class workshops to aid in student comprehension and retention of materials covered in class. Additionally, I held weekly recitations where we discussed various applications of complex analysis, including Electrical Engineering, fluid flow, and the Riemann Hypothesis.

As a component of the position, my fellow LA and I conducted a series of assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching methodologies. Below is a summary of our results, presented at RIT’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.

LA Poster