American Sign Language to English Interpreting


“Can you understand me” is a question many don’t need to consider on a daily basis. However, millions of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals struggle to be heard and connect with the world around them everyday.

Sign-Speak is a web-based tool that utilizes several machine learning algorithms and a computer vision pipeline to translate American Sign Language to English in real-time. Sign-Speak is available from any camera enabled device with internet access.

While some individuals may have access to interpreting services, it’s not feasible for everyone to have an interpreter present throughout the day. Additionally, interpreting services come with their own prohibitive cost.

The Sign-Speak team has previously tabled at ImagineRIT, and TigerFest and has won the grand prize at RIT’s Tiger Tank, a business pitch competition. Our team has also placed 2nd at RIT’s Business Model competition. The team is currently working to release a limited beta for testing.